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The Green Room’s Spring Selection 
Spring 2012 Classes 

Spring into The Green Room where we have classes available for everyone this month.  Come check out why The Green Room is the place to be!

New Classes 
Screenwriting 101: An Essential Workshop in Crafting Screenplays
Starting Tuesday, April 3

Have you ever thought about writing a movie but weren’t sure how to get started? Or perhaps you’ve picked up a how-to book and started a screenplay but never could seem to get to “the end.” Avery O Williams’ WRITING TO THE END, screenplay workshop series stands upon the belief that by knowing key screenwriting fundamentals, having a solid writing plan and employing effective scriptwriting tools you can finally complete the screenplay you’ve envisioned writing!

Our Price: $180.00 for
6 weeks(available in 3 payments of $60.00)


Dj booth 101
Starting Sunday, April 15

DJ Booth 101 is the first step of becoming a disc jockey. This 4 week class focuses on the fundamentals of Dj’in including, the history of Dj’in, the components of a great mix, basics of scratching, music theory as it applies to a DJ, and the business aspects of Dj’ing. This class is essential for all beginning Djs. No equipment needed
$25 a class  or $80 or for all 4 classes


Create Your Own Comic! – Youth Art Class
Starting Sunday, April 15

An introduction to the components of successful comic books and how to use these components to create your own original comic book. Students will receive instruction in drawing, character creation/development, story lines and composition.

Four classes for ONLY $120.00


Sunday, April 15, 3-5PM

Sunday, May 6, 3-5PM

Sunday, May 20 3-5PM

Sunday, June 3, 1-2:30PM



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Acting Classes 
Theatre Actor’s Studio
8-Week Session Monday’s 
Were you made to be on the stage? Do you see your name under the bright lights of the theatre? Do you want to increase your personal power as an actor? Well come to the Theatre Actor’s Studio! You’ll get to flex your acting muscles by exploring tricks of the trade through scene and monologue work. Simultaneously, through focused exercises, you’ll train your acting instrument to deliver believable and . . . Read more.


Our Price: $20.00 per session


Terri’s Scene Study Class
Every Wednesday at 7PM 
This workshop is strictly a scene study workshop that is based on the teachings of Terri’s favorite acting instructor in Los Angeles, Bobbie Shaw Chance. It is a no-nonsense straight to the core class that guides you to connect emotionally to your own experiences and to give those emotions to the characters you play. Read More


Our Price: $40.00 per class

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Rodney Perry’s Never Deny
Every Wednesday at 2PM 
You will learn Improv games, individual and group exercises, and you will learn to tap into and trust your funnier you.  The art of improvisation will inform most of your other artistic endeavors.  Actors will become better as they unleash that funny beast within.  Comedians will gain the knowledge and ability to work with others in a funny space.  Read More




Acting Classes 
Kids Organic Theatre
Every Saturday
Organic theatre allows participants to create an original production from scratch. Often times, people think theatre has to center around plays that already exist, but this class will show the participants that it is possible to tell ANY story imaginable on stage. From writing a story as a team, to finding and building props, to transforming into original characters- the participants will become acquainted with all aspects of the theatrical process. . . Read More



Actor’s For Autism
afa group
Every Saturday
These classes focus on enhancing social communication, understanding and confidence through games, discussion, role play, video clips and other techniques.  Participation in these classes may be helpful for children whose peer relationships are hampered by issues related to AD/HD, Asperger’s syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), learning problems, language delays, and auditory processing disorders.  But these classes are helpful to all kids wanting to work on social skills. . . Read More



 Dancing with Terry

Every Thursday from 7:30-9PM

Terry, a native of Georgia, will be bringing something “breath-taking”  and exciting to the GREEN ROOM. The alumnus of Kennesaw State University will now be instructing a CHOREOGRAPHY CLASS!!!!
Terry will take you on a journey as he shows you how to dance to some of today’s popular dance videos, musicals and more.  This jamming class is geared towards everyone from actors, dancers and wanna-be dancers, soccer moms that just wanna get their “sexy back” and anyone who wants to learn how to move-it.  All are welcome! Please be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing when you come.



Vocal Coaching
Every Friday from 5-6:30PM

Class Agenda/Objectives:
* Vocal warmups and light physical exercises to relax the vocal chords
* Learning pitch, harmony & tone *Learn how to follow rhythm & melody
* Students will do a presentation in a group or as a soloist
* Students will have the opportunity to write a song, jingle or part of a song.
* Songwriting tips and insight on structure will be shared
* Original pieces will be welcomed to be presented in front of the class.
* Insight will be given on how to post up new music on different websites
* Insight will be given on how to build your own website as an Independent Artist


Our Price: $25.00
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