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Never Deny-Next Level

Every Tuesday at 7PM!


Never Deny – NEXT LEVEL is a six-week course in which you and your classmates will practice improvisational techniques. Next, in true SNL form, you will work at pitching, writing and acting in both live and produced sketches. Once you complete this portion of the class, NEXT LEVEL will culminate in a LIVE show designed to show the world what you have been doing for the past six weeks.



Our Price:

This class is closed at this time. A new six-week course will start at the beginning of March!




Cooking Class

Every Tuesday at 7PM!


Get your kids to eat vegetables, learn how to make great sauces, and create a meal that will help you get your man!! Experience this and much more at the “Cooking with Chef Greg” cooking class.


$30 in advance
$35 for walk-ins the day of class






Beginning Scene Study Class

 Every Wednesday from 5-7PM!

This workshop is strictly a scene study workshop taught by two of Terri’s prime students, Shayla and Tequilla. It is a no-nonsense, straight to the core, class that guides you to connect emotionally to your own experiences and teaches you how to give these emotions to the characters you portray.


Our Price: $25








Conversations About Truth

Every Saturday!


An introduction to the masters of the craft, understanding the different techniques; developing your instrument and beginning to create an individualized process/method of acting that works for you. You will learn the language of the craft, warming up/relaxation exercises – listening, concentration, imagination, magic if, sensory and emotional processes, theater games and acting/ vocal exercises.


Our Price: $30/class


Advanced Acting Class (current students only) at 11AM!


Beginning Acting Class at 3PM!






Organic Theatre Youth Acting
(Ages 6-14)

 Every Saturday at 1PM! 


This class provides young actors with a solid foundation of theatrical knowledge – culminating in a live presentation.  All classes will be introduced to material that will be used for the final presentation.  All three classes will put on a production of a show that was previously written.  The first three weeks of class will have served as a representation of the students’ skill and commitment levels- The instructor will cast the show based upon that.  The following weeks will be used to learn lines, block scenes, obtain and secure costumes- as well as ensure that the production is as polished as it can be.

Our Price: $25/class



$6 Drink Specials ALL NIGHT and $5 Appetizers!!
Happy Hour Wednesday – Friday (4:00PM-7:00PM) 
Come join us Wednesday – Friday and enjoy $5 Wine and Martinis during Happy Hour