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TAC Presents Pilot Season Jump Star. Halloween Special & 3 Tier Pricing

Register for The Acting Camp’s ‘Pilot Season

Jump Start’ by Oct. 31st and receive…

Free Headshot & SpeedReels Package!

(Saving YOU $150 of cold hard CASH)

*limited to only 12 Registrations



(that’s HERE en Español 🙂

Sammy's New Pricing

TAC is excited to announce…

All New 3 Tier Pricing!

Giving Campers three different pricing options

and yet another way to save some

Cold Hard Cash!



(that’s HERE en Français:)

If you are interested in attending the Pilot Season Jump Start Camp, we highly recommend you get your application in asap. Once we have reached capacity all future applicants will be put on a wait list.

As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the 2013 Camp or the business in general. Click HERE to contact us.

Happy Trails,

The TAC Team