Some quick acting notes from Matt

When I started taping at Houghton, initially it was all commercial/industrial stuff. When I took over taping TV and Film, some issues started to arise with auditions that I hadn’t noticed previously. I’m going to try and impart some tips to everyone using this blog. Here are some initial thoughts:

1) Take control of your audition. Unlike auditioning at Stillwell or a client’s office, you have the benefit of being in the room with someone from Houghton. You should enter that room having full knowledge of what you are going to do. You know the setup in there. Don’t come in asking “so what are we doing?”. That is a death sentence! Even if you give a good read, you will never stand out among the dozens of other “good” reads that the casting director will see.

2) I cannot stress enough that taking a class that focuses on cold-reading skills is paramount! Would you enter a weightlifting competition without going to the gym for several months/years beforehand? Your acting “muscle” needs the same workout. And while weekend workshops have their place, without constant reinforcement, your acting “muscle” will never grow. Some of you are getting smoked by your peers in that audition room because your “muscle” is flabby. Okay, enough with the analogies 🙂

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more tips!