Recent Casting Note

Please spread the word about this.  We want to make sure our talent are the BEST and the MOST PREPARED when they go out and these notes are very important in ensuring that happens.  It’s not often we get notes from clients so when we do we want to make sure everyone reads them.


We’re asking clients for feedback on our talent and auditions and this is one I recently received:

It has been my experience that when the talent comes in to audition, 9 times out of 10 they are not prepared, when asked when they received there sides, the normal response would be I just got it.  I know this to not be true, since some of the other actors came prepared.  Many people think they can just wing it, which is not the case.  It is very important if the actors are going to come in and audition that they take their craft seriously, holding the sides while auditioning with just a little bit of dialogue is a NO NO.  Also many of the actors (when I say many I am not just speaking of Houghton Talent) only look at their lines and not the entire side which depicts the scene they are auditioning for.  If they were to take the time and look at everything and not try and rush through everything it would help them out.  Another point would be for them to dress the part of the character.  We take pride in making every audition a wonderful experience for the actors, which does not mean they have the right to come unprepared or even late at times or not show up for that matter.  Acting is a passion, not something we wake and decide to do for the day.  It is a disservice for those who truly wish to act and have no way of getting an audiiton.

While we don’t like hearing this it’s important that everyone take what is said above and use it to grow.  It is UNACCEPTABLE to show up to an audition unprepared, especially when you have only a few lines to memorize.  Always show up on time and prepared for auditions, because as you can see above it does not go unnoticed when you do.  This is not the first time we’ve heard this from a client.

As for dressing the part this is a preference that can change for different casting directors.  While it is ok to dress the part at any time please refrain from using elaborate wardrobe or props.