Help Save Film Marketing in GA

Dear GPP Members,

Below is an example of the letter going out from the GPP leadership on the issue of the proposed marketing budget cuts to the state film office. We encourage you to write your own brief personal letter to the email addresses listed below. The main thrust of your letter is to ask these House and Senate conferees to restore the funding to the film office for their marketing budget for 2011.

Thank you.

Wilbur Fitzgerald

Dear ———–:

I urge you to restore the marketing budget for the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office.

The film, music and digital entertainment industry in our state is a generator of regular, high-paying jobs. Due in part to the tax incentives, our industry is has grown nearly 300% over the last 18 months. It is providing jobs and pumping money into Georgia’s economy when most industries are suffering.

The motion picture industry alone spent over $770M in Georgia in 2009 and is on pace again to equal or exceed that number. Collateral investments in new Georgia infrastructure will total nearly $800M by year’s end. And, Georgia has increased its resident labor pool by over 20% since July 2008.

Naturally, marketing Georgia’s incredible entertainment industry success story is critical to sustaining its growth.

Please help save these jobs and this thriving, non-polluting industry.

Thank you.

Best regards,

House Conferees:

Ben Harbin

Jerry Keen

Jan Jones

Senate Conferees:

Tommie Williams

Chip Rogers

Jack Hill

Also emails to the Speaker’s legal counsel, Bill Reilly, might be helpful:

And to the Lt. Governor’s staff person, Irene Munn: