Headshots and Resumes – a critique

Everyone’s always asking about resumes and headshots so I thought it might be a good idea to show you what casting directors are thinking about when they are looking at headshots and resumes.  Bonnie Gillespie is a casting director in Los Angeles who also writes a column on Actors Access called The Actor’s Voice.  Last month, she did a series of critiques, which included critiques on resumes and headshots.

Here is the link to the headshots – http://cricketfeet.com/temp/showfax/critiquesyourheadshots.html

Here is the link to the resumes – http://cricketfeet.com/temp/showfax/critiquesyourresumes.html.

Bonnie offers some awesome advice regarding creating your resume and taking headshots.  Pay attention to how she is critiquing from a “branding yourself” standpoint, rather than whether or not the actor looks good in the shot or has a bunch of credits.  For the headshots, she comments on everything from background, lighting, and cropping, to smiles, outfits, and head angles.  And for the resumes, she gives you some great ideas about formatting as well as about what information should and should not be listed on your resume.