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Dear Mystie,


It’s happening again. For the sixth year in a row, Fulton County is planning to cut the arts and culture budget. That means Georgia Ensemble Theatre and Conservatory, as well as all of the other arts and culture organizations you love in Fulton County, will again be receiving less grant money than in years past.


Fulton County has been a tremendous supporter of Georgia Ensemble Theatre and Conservatory for 20 years. Just this year, we have received $33,400 from the County. This is money that is irreplaceable in this current economic climate. We want to continue to bring you the artistic excellence that you are accustomed to, so we need your help!


We understand that these are challenging economic times, but the arts have already sacrificed more than their fair share in budget cuts. The Commissioners are meeting on November 15 to discuss the proposed budget, and we need your help to make sure they understand the importance of the Fulton County Arts & Culture to you and that you support funding in this budget cycle.




*  From 2007 to 2012 Fulton County has cut grants to arts and culture organizations by 46%.

*  While all departments in Fulton County are being asked to take a 5% cut this year, the arts are being asked to take a 20% cut.

*  The total revenues generated by arts organizations in Fulton County in 2011 were over $365 million.

*  Arts and culture organizations in metro Atlanta employ more than 24,000 people.




*  Write to your commissioners and tell them why you believe they should support arts and culture in Fulton County.  Following are email addresses for the Commissioners.


–  John H. Eaves, Commission Chairman (District 1, At-Large)

–  Emma I. Darnell, Vice Chair r (District 5)

–  Robert L. “Robb” Pitts, Commissioner (District 2, At-Large)

–  Liz Hausmann, Commissioner (District 3)

–  Tom Lowe, Commissioner (District 4)

–  Joan P. Garner, Commissioner (District 6)

–  William “Bill” Edwards, (District 7)


*  Attend the public budget hearing on January 2nd, and volunteer to speak on behalf of the arts.


–          Their physical address is:  141 Pryor Street Southwest Atlanta, GA 30303


Thank you for your help. We know you value the arts, so we need your help to advocate for Fulton County funding for the arts. With your help we can continue to enrich our community, provide jobs, and contribute to the economic vitality of our city.



With sincere appreciation,


Georgia Ensemble Theatre and Conservatory



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Georgia Ensemble Theatre and Conservatory provides excellent professional theatre experiences to captivate the current generation of theatre-goers and nurture future generations. We fulfill this mission through the selfless ensemble collaboration of our artists, audiences, and students.
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