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Arizona’s program will be completely revised, effective January 1, 2011, if the new legislation passes. The current program sunsets on December 31, 2010

Florida will switch to a transferable credit, if new legislation passes the state senate and is approved by the Governor. The House version, which has been passed, would allocate $55 million per year to the program. The bill now in the Senate would provide up to $75 million. Action is expected before the end of April, when the legislative session ends.

Although many thought that the program was permanently dead, Iowa has instead suspended its Film Incentive program for another two years, to July 1, 2013. This will allow time to properly re-tool the program, and for the Iowa Attorney General to sort through criminal and civil matters stemming from allegations of mismanagement, lax oversight, irregularities and theft. The Attorney General will consider lifting the suspension early if the program can be retooled sooner.

Michigan’s infrastructure continues to expand, with the opening of With a Twist Studio’s 3D Screening room in Michigan, first in the state. The screening room complement’s With a Twist’s CGI, VFX and 3-D facility in Rochester Hills, MI. The website is .

[ Source: The Incentives Office ]