Classes with Crystal Carson



Top Ten Things Casting Directors & Producers Look for in YOUR Audition

SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2012  10AM-2PM  


Thought Support Technique: The Safety Net Under YOUR Audition

SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2012    3PM-6PM


AUDITIONING BY HEART Film/Television Audition Technique  3-Day Intensive Workshop

FRIDAY, MAY 18 – SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2012   

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Learn the secret to Slating and more…

Do you want to improve your booking rates? Do you want to know what Hollywood Producers need to see in order to hire you? Crystal Carson teaches actors weekly who are booking lead and supporting roles in film and television. She has her finger on the pulse of what producers / casting directors want to see, how they perceive “local” talent when they shoot in our state and what is now considered “good” acting given the prevalence of reality shows etc. Learn the top 10 things, LA actors you are auditioning against already know, that will greatly increase your chances of booking the job. This short-lecture based class will teach you “big picture” concepts as well as detailed tools that actually work so you can develop a useful, fun and quick process of script analysis & character development. This can help any actor make each role deeper and each audition more successful.

Thought Support Technique

The Safety Net Under Your Audition

Saturday, May 12, 2012  3pm-7pm


Ever go into an audition thinking you have your lines memorized only to get nervous and mess up?  The Thought Support Technique helps you use your sides in the audition while staying in character so that you don’t have to depend on memorization.  Memorizing can lock you into a stale delivery or make you even more flustered if you accidentally get lost or forget a word.

With the Thought Support Technique, you’ll learn how to deepen your connection to the other character in the scene, how to listen and be present, fight for your objective, and truly respond to what you are receiving from the other character.  This allows the lines to come to you organically without your even trying.  With this technique, you’ll “learn” your lines by heart through being present in the scene, all without trying to memorize a single word.

Auditioning By Heart

Film/Television Audition Technique Workshop

3- DAY INTENSIVE WORKSHOP – May 18-20, 2012

Each actor will receive sides prior to each day’s class. Upon arrival at the workshop, the actors will be put on tape. After all the actors have been put on tape, class will begin! “Auditioning By Heart” is a deep exploration of what it takes to quickly create a character’s life from the truth. This will be a class where you will be trained to do the history home-work as quickly as possible because you will know your priorities. It’s exhilarating work, that in a wonderful way, turns auditions into improvs. This makes auditioning like acting, when acting is like life! And that is when it’s fun… and when it makes a difference in the world! Crystal will critique each actor’s performance thoroughly during playback. The Thought Support technique will be referred to in this weekend’s foundation, so actors are strongly encouraged to sign up for that class as well.