CASTING CALL The Art Institute of Atlanta


Our students are producing short films and commercials this quarter and we’ll be delighted if you, or actors you know, will consider appearing in these films. Thank you to everyone who’s auditioned with us in the past. The students can’t make their films without you!

Audition Session:
When: Monday, February 9, 2009
Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Where: Art Institute of Atlanta – Room 460 on the 4th Floor

Parking: Parking is free at The Art Institute, but if you arrive before 8pm, you need a parking pass from the receptionist in the first floor gallery.  Please get your pass and put it on your car before you come upstairs.  If you arrive after 8pm, check to see if the receptionist is still in gallery – if not, then you don’t need a pass.

Students are planning their films now and we will send you a a list of Characters they expect to cast a little later this week. As of now, we will only be casting for Actors age 15 and older.

TO SCHEDULE AN AUDITION:  Please email Whitney Trower at

— Use ACTORS WANTED as Subject of email
— INCLUDE your first and second choices for Times. We schedule actors in 30-minute blocks.
— Please provide the following:
    Your Height & Age Range
    If you do Voice-Overs
    If you are a member of SAG and/or AFTRA
— Please don’t attach your headshot and resume to the email.  You will bring them to the Audition.

Your audition time will include a SPECIFIC time.  Audition times are first come, first serve. If you have a last minute change of plans, please email <> or leave a voice mail for Fran Burst at 770-689-5039 – Be sure to leave your phone number AND email.

 THE AUDITION:— Please bring your headshot and resume (at least 2 copies each, bring more if possible)
— When you arrive, we will provide your with “sides” – excerpts from students’ scripts to use for your Auditions.
— If you’d like, you may also prepare a Monologue for the Audition – but Monologues aren’t required.


Actors will not be paid, but will receive a master-quality video of projects if cast.

Also, please understand that our directors are students — they are eager learners but they usually have no formal experience in auditioning with actors, making casting decisions and directing actors.

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The Art Institute of Atlanta – Winter Auditions

Monday, February 9th, 2009


The Characters



Walter: Walter is a student with good grades, but has difficulty finding work. He has applied for many jobs and is looking for just one sign of hope. He just wants a chance to move on and make a better life for himself. A normal guy, not very confrontational, he is determined to do what it takes to make it to this interview and get this job. (director: Kenny Baker)

Miles: Miles is Walter’s friend and roommate. He is slob, an underachiever, and very loyal and supportive of Walter. He works from home as his dream job—a telemarketer. (director: Kenny Baker)

Geist: Geist is the head of the company of which Walter is interviewing for. He is somewhat eccentric character, middle-aged, and constantly forgets Walter’s name. (director: Kenny Baker)

Husband: The husband, who answers Miles’ call during family dinner, either does not get the purpose of telemarketing or is very much intrigued by it. He’ll interrupt his own meal with his family to buy whatever crap Miles is selling. (director: Kenny Baker)

Donald Prince: A young man who works for the United States Government as a spy.  He’s an all American who hates Nazi scum. Donald has no family; they were killed by the Nazis. He is not afraid to die for his country.
(director: Andrew Knath)

Alexander Rudolph: Middle aged, skinny/frail, Nazi scum. Belonging to the Nazi party, he is German but speaks English, only with a flamboyant German accent. Mr. Rudolph worships the ground Hitler walks on. He is slightly psychotic and gets his thrill through torture. Mr.Rudolph’s hair is slicked back with grease, he wears a white lab coat with black gloves and boots. He believes he has a sense of humor. (director: Andrew Knath)

Mr. Dawson: Annabelle’s father, 30-40. He is in good physical shape. He is very popular in his town.  He is very confident and won’t take no for an answer. He’s romantic, and the ladies think he’s the ultimate husband. (director: Gabrielle Esquivel)

Bobby:  Young boy, age range 16-20. Occupation: Bobby has been out of school for a year and he now helps his father with his construction business. Bobby is well built, and dreamy. He is confident and well mannered. Annabelle is his love interest. (director: Gabrielle Esquivel)

William:– Early 20’s, clean cut, recent college graduate, he is from a small town in the Midwest and never experience the big city and that’s why he is moving Atlanta for a change. (director: Gerren)

Harold: Mid 30’s, short medium build, he always wants to challenge the system, he really hates the authority and he really does what he wants. He is a good team player and play by his rules, he comes from a semi wealthy family, born and raised in Atlanta. (director: Gerren)

Nate: Mid 20’s tall medium built, very smart and is adventurous, he is very slick and knows how to cut corners and get it by any means necessary. (director: Gerren)

Emil: “The Mam’s Boy”: Emil has that sweet baby face look.  He’s actually a good man, but can’t make any decisions without his mother.  He tells Mama everything, including all of his business with his wife.
(director: Shunda Staples-Ray)

Eric  “The Dreamer”: Eric is the only child of his single mother, Chante’, but his father has other children by various women.  Eric’s dad has a habit of playing his sons against each other.  Therefore, Eric Jr. is constantly competing with his half brothers craving for his father’s attention and approval.  He pursues multiple career paths to try and appease his father. (director: Shunda Staples-Ray)

Carmelo“The Maintenance Man”: Carmelo is very athletic and intelligent with much ambition.  Unfortunately, the irresponsible actions of his partying mother, shatters most of his dreams as he enters manhood. Being forced to be the man of the house, including raising his sister, has changed Carmelo’s plans for attending college, as well as passing up a full scholarship. Can Carmelo ever forgive his mother for redirecting his life or is it fate?  
(director: Shunda Staples-Ray)

Howard Waters – The Senator: Howard Waters is tall, white, clean cut, and a fast talker like most politicians.  He’s married to Scharlie Cenay and the father of their two sons, Howard Jr. and Emmanual. Waters has been a very prestigious name for many years, and has always had wealth.  The Waters boys, Howard Jr. and Emmanual, have had more than the average family and their peers going through school. (director: Shunda Staples-Ray)

Howard Jr: is expected by many to fill his father’s shoes; especially his mother, he’s her favorite son.  Howard Jr. goes to meetings and works on political speeches with his father, and on many occasions, he looks and acts just like his father. (director: Shunda Staples-Ray)

Emmanual: is just the baby boy trying to fit in.  He has his own look, he feels as though nobody understands him and politics is just not his thing.  Owning a business is his goal, but of course that’s not his “good ole boy” dad’s idea for his son.  Well, if Senator Waters is never home enough for him to talk too, and mom is so busy with Howard Sr. and Jr., what is he to do, and who is he to talk too? (director: Shunda Staples-Ray)

JOHN HARRISON: A 30-year-old white male named JOHN. He has been broken by the unfortunate circumstances in his life. He doesn’t have any sort of fulfillment or any breed of happiness. Due to his lack of these contents, it has led him to complete neglect his appearance. JOHN has a tired, rugged, and coarse look. JOHN has an unleveled scruff, dirty fingernails, and a drunken smell. (director: Pedro Oliveira)

FARMER: This character is an older man between the ages of 60 to 80. He is a farmer. The farmer acts as a life changing pivot point for the protagonist. He has this mysterious fantasy-like image. He’s eyes are completely whitened out; it doesn’t contain a pupil. He has an old aged skin. Wrinkles over take his face and hands. He has an old, rugged and coarse look. (director: Pedro Oliveira)

Tim Greenly: Tim is a young adult, early to mid twenties, who has lived a relatively normal teenage life.  Most everything has been provided for him.  He’s the captain of the football team.  Overall, he’s lived a very privileged life.  With Graduation behind him, he’s a little nervous about going to college and still not sure what he wants to do with his life. (director: Raul Hernandez)


The Mime: The mime is in his thirties and has a grudge on all of the other main characters.  Being that they killed him one night and didn’t at all call for help in order to save themselves getting in trouble for possession of alcohol when they are underage.  As a background player, he finds out what slasher film is suited for his victim after following them into a all night slasher film marathon.  Because he’s dead, and a supernatural being now, he has the ability to kill his victims with mime powers.  For example, he can kill people with an imaginary knife. (director: Raul Hernandez)



Wife: The wife is a woman who has had it with her husband purchasing products from telemarketers.
(director: Kenny Baker)

Ms. Grier: Ms Grier is an older woman who does not speak. As Geist’s Secretary, she stands flustered by his remarks, only responding with blank stares. (director: Kenny Baker)

Jane: JANE is a teenage girl excited about prom. She has been a best friend to Sara since eighth grade. She loves her friend, but usually pays more attention to herself than to what is happening with Sara.
(director: Adrienne Latham)

Sara: SARA is a teenage girl in an abusive relationship. Instead of wondering what dress to get for prom, she is worried about how to hide her bruises. She wants to tell Jane what is going on, but sees that Jane is in her own little world. (director: Adrienne Latham)

Inga: Inga is Mr. Rudolph’s assistant. She ‘s European and doesn’t speak any English. She is very mysterious, always wearing a surgeon’s facemask. Inga loves Mr. Rudolph and does anything he asks of her – anything. She also thinks that Rudolph has a sense of humor. (director: Andrew Knath)

Cowboy Joe:  A young man who is a part of the United States infantry. He is the all American soldier. He loves the infantry and accepts any job assigned to him even if the job is suicidal. (director: Andrew Knath)

Annabelle: Young girl, age range 16-20. Average/slim. Annabelle is a student. She has an angelic face and is polite, well mannered and shy. Annabelle’s closest acquaintances are her best friend, Lilianne, and her family’s housekeeper, Abigail. Annabelle is somewhat of a loner and enjoys spending time outdoors with nature. She is home schooled so she doesn’t really have to see other people. (director: Gabrielle Esquivel)

Abigail:  Age range 30-40. Abigail is the head housekeeper of the Dawsons’ household. She’s been with them since Annabelle was born.  She has a kind face and is sweet and understanding. (director: Gabrielle Esquivel)

Lilianne: Young girl, age range: 16-20. Average/Slim. She is very flirtatious, and sweet. Lilianne is also home schooled. Most of the time she refuses to do what she is told. She isn’t as disciplined as her best friend, Annabelle. (director: Gabrielle Esquivel)

Mrs. Dawson: Annabelle’s mother. 30-40. Mrs. Dawson is very beautiful. She’s polite and well mannered. She‘s strong, but she can also be shy at times. When she’s around her husband she feels more confident. She wants nothing but the best schooling and lessons for Annabelle. She can be very strict with Annabelle and disapproves of some of the things Annabelle enjoys doing. (director: Gabrielle Esquivel)

Tyla Montgomery: (Age 45-55) African American average height female. She refuses to cut the umbilical cord of her pride and joy, Emil “the Mama’s Boy”. She usually wears a long house robe, slippers, and glasses when she’s at home; and scrubs when she’s either coming or going to work as a registered nurse. 
(director: Shunda Staples-Ray)

Chante’ Jenkins: Chante’ is a very down-to-earth single mother that speaks her mind.  She is very petite and usually dresses very fashionably.  Her registered nursing position has her working various hours keeping her away from her only son Eric “the Dreamer”. (director: Shunda Staples-Ray)

Scharlie Cenay Waters: Scharlie is very conservative, overly confident and often over bearing.  She’s married to a successful politician (Howard Waters, Sr.) who is a white man. They have two sons, Howard and Emmanuel, with two opposite personalities. (director: Shunda Staples-Ray)

Yvette Taylor: Yvette is caught up in a fantasyland. She has a 7-year-old daughter, Nyla, and an 18-year-old son Carmelo. Unfortunately, her motherly responsibilities are not the main priority.  Her curvaceous figure and sex appeal have always worked in her favor. She typically attracts men of stature with expensive taste, which forces her son to become “the Maintenance”. (director: Shunda Staples-Ray)

Justine Moore: Justine is everybody’s friend. She’ll hang out occasionally with the girls, but she pretty much minds her own business. She is a devoted mother of two daughters, Kaula and Demi (who was adopted at birth). (director: Shunda Staples-Ray)

Sharon Temple: Sharon is in her early twenties, she too has been very privileged and has gotten everything in life.  She was the senor prom queen her graduating year and is excited about college.  She’s a little stuck up but still does what she needs to move forward. (director: Raul Hernandez)