casting call for pilot presentation

Title: In-Dependants
Type: 10 minute Pilot Presentation
Union Status: SAG-AFTRA (Papers Pending)
Casting Director: Will Wright
Audition Date: 12/1/2012
Callback: N/A
Shoot: Jan. 11-13, 2013 AND December 15th (role of Leslie only)
Location: Atlanta, GA
Pay Rate: Small stipend, varies depending on role
Notes: Looking for strong comedic talent of various backgrounds. Please have all submissions in by 9PM on 11/27/2012
Send H/S and resume to
Character Breakdown
Leslie Grey (early-mid 20’s,Indian American female)
When she isn’t depressed about her situation Leslie is an easy going person. She’s ambitious, hard
working, and can party with the best of them. But when things aren’t going right, Leslie can be cynical,
bratty, and unafraid to step on her soap box. Leslie is a native Angelino who left her hometown for the
Big Apple after graduating college where she landed her dream job in advertising at a top ad agency.
However, when the economy tanked so did Leslie’s dreams. She was forced to move back home to
Los Angeles with her mom and is not happy about it – LEAD (3 days + ½ day on 12/15/12)
Holly Sam (early-mid 20’s, Asian-American female)
She is a fun loving person with a big heart, but is the most reckless of her friends. Holly brings the
sass and she loves to party and drink…a LOT. Holly currently lives at home with her parents. Instead
of joining the work force after graduating with Leslie and Camilla, she stayed in school for several
years and has earned enough degrees (and debt) to start her own university. To shut her parents up,
Holly takes up teaching but isn’t taking to it very well. Holly says she wants to move out from under her
parents but her actions say otherwise – LEAD (3 days)
Lorinne “Lori” Grey (late 40’s Indian American female)
Leslie’s loving, hovering, MILF of a mom. Leslie is her only child, so the divorcee is happy to have
her baby back home. She had to play mom when Leslie was growing up but now that Leslie is a
young woman, she sees Leslie as the sister she never had. She is eager to let her hair down with her
daughter and spend some quality time together, despite Leslie’s protests – CO-STAR (1 day)
Mr. Sam (mid 50’s Asian American male)
Holly’s dad, who like Holly’s mom, wants to love his daughter from afar, but she has not given him that
opportunity because she won’t move out. He loves his daughter, but think it’s time she starts taking
some responsibility for herself and get out of their house already – CO-STAR (1 day)
Gary (mid 30’s, Open Ethnicity)
Co-worker of Leslie and Camilla who works in the HR Department at their job. He’s a little off-beat and
weird, but he is very professional. Gary has had his sights on Leslie ever since she started working at
the company – CO-STAR (1 day)
Stefan (30’s, Open Ethnicity Male)
Server at Camilla and Holly’s favorite restaurant. An experienced server who is always nice to them,
especially Camilla. The ladies don’t know a lot about him other than he gives them free drinks at the
restaurant, and he is really HOT – CO-STAR (1 day)