audition: life*less

Independent/short film for you if you are interested.  Please contact the client directly to set up audition times.














This is a story about life at its lowest point and all that it entails; good and bad.


Myong-hee, a Korean andBlack mixed child started getting molested at the early age of 6 by a close family member. In her early teens, the abuse continues with her stepfather. Myong-hee’s mother doesn’t believe her when she divulges what had been happening. Her decision to run away from home, her safe haven after an unexpected pregnancy, puts her in an even more dangerous situation. She must decide how her life will end; a victim or a survivor.


Seeking Union and Non-Union talents for a feature film shooting in Atlanta on 35mm film. PAID GIG —- Pay is on a low to deferred basis.

Shooting to begin late 2008

The auditions will take place at:

yourACT Acting Classes  3041 N. Decatur Road Scottdale, GA 30079 

Fridays — July 25 and August 1, 2008 11am to 4pm 

Only experienced talent need to reply… Please email your headshots and resumes to for consideration. Sides will be sent out prior to audition. Please dress the part.

Seeking the following CHARACTERS:

MYONG-HEE —- Mixed (Asian (Korean) and Black) Female (18-24) must look 13-15, reserved, anti social, angry, resentful, dresses like a boy, baggy clothes. Must speak Korean.

SU-DAE— Asian (Korean) woman (27-35) slim, sophisticated, strict, must speak Korean.

ZOO / DADDY—Black male (28-38) Good looking, clean shave, fit, mysterious, new millennium pimp and drug dealer

KAYA — White female (16-24) must look 13/14, pretty, good physical shape, outgoing, cheerleader type.

TERIUS — Black male (18-25) average build, thug.

JUICY — Black girl (28-35) sassy, sexy, thick, in your face, call girl.

HOMELESS WOMAN — Any race woman (26-30)

KOREAN UNCLE — Korean male (30-40) slight beer belly, mysterious.

DRIVER — Black male (21-26) thug, wanna be rapper, pot head.

MR. DENBERG — White male (50-60), judge, clean, educated, well dressed.

DEENA — White girl (15-19) looks 14 or 15, head cheerleader, stuck up and over confident

CHUCK — White male (15-19) blonde, athletic, good looking, outgoing.

DOCTOR — Any race male or female (30-40)

BAILIFF — Black male (25-30)

JOSE — Mexican male (40-50) car mechanic

MALE OFFICER 1 — Black male, strong, athletic (21-25)

MALE OFFICER 2 — White male (40-50)

BASKETBALL PLAYER 1 — Black male (25-30) tall, athletic.

SECURITY GUARDS 1 & 2 —- Black males (25-35) strong and muscular