Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project

There’s still time to register for the 2011 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project.

If you haven’t signed-up by now, here are two more things to think about:

1. We need More Women Directors!

2. What Would Martin Scorsese Do?

For complete information about the 2011 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project (Screening Groups; Ticket Sales Link; Venue information; Formats; Registration information; Kickoff & Dropoff Locations; Sponsors; Meet & Greet + Workshop Registration Information), visit:

Tickets for screenings are now on sale! On Friday June 17 & Saturday June 18, we unleash a wild menagerie of films on the big screen at the historic Plaza Theatre.  You never know what you’re going to get when you attend a 48 Hour Film Project show, but you are always guaranteed a raucous good time!

Meet the filmmakers at a post-screening Q&A after each screening! Door Prizes! Surprises! Vote for your favorite films!

48HFP is the true original, an affordable way to join the next generation of emerging film making talent from around the world, or to sharpen your skills in a fast-paced environment, all the while having fun in a wild, collegial, creative context.

You have less than one week to get off the sideline and join the game.

It’s time to make a movie!

Yours in Cinema,

Gabe Wardell & Paula Martinez
Atlanta City Producers
48 Hour Film Project

To register to make a film on weekend JUNE 10-12, visit:

To register for the meet & greet and the “On the Clock” workshop, visit:

To purchase tickets to the screenings next weekend JUNE 18, 19 at the Plaza Theatre, visit:

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