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Haber Intermediate Film/TV Intensive
Meisner Technique I
Intro to On-Camera Acting
Ongoing Film/TV Audition



Intro to On-Camera Acting
On-Camera Acting I
On-Camera Acting II

Beginning Voice-Over
Intermediate Voice-Over
Voice-Over Ongoing Master Class

Intro to Sketch Comedy Acting
Advanced Workshop Group Showcase!


From Karen Cox:
Hi guys how are you? I just wanted you guys to know I just booked a principal role on “Let’s Stay Together” on  BET.

Thank you for teaching me all you have! I will be on set next week. Wow!  I remember I started taking beginner classes there and I learned so much. Thank you!

From Jean Alexander:
I just want to thank you both for all the great instruction I’ve gotten from you guys for both on-camera work and voiceover. I had a video shoot this past Friday, and it was so great because I knew exactly what I was supposed to do, and it went so well that I was re-named the “One take wonder!” . As a “bonus,” I also got a voiceover job out of it, so it was a really good day all around . Again, thanks for all your good teaching! Take care, and I’ll see you soon, I’m sure.

And more recently:
I had so much fun tonight! I just wanted to thank you guys, and let you know how glad I am to be back in class. Sometimes I forget why I love acting, especially when it’s just me reading stuff by myself, but working with other people just makes all the difference in the world.
Thanks so much, and can’t wait til next week!!

Call 404-499-9996 FIRST to check availability, then call with credit card info, Register Online through PayPal, mail a check or money order or come by to pay with cash.

10% discount on classes (excludes special workshops) for WIFTA, ACPA, and AFTRA/SAG members.

Classes are filled on a first-come-first-served basis.  Payment holds your space.

Intro to On-Camera Acting
7-10pm – 3 Thursdays, August 11, 18, and 25
On-Camera Acting I Maximum 14 – $250 or $125/month
7-10pm Wednesdays, August 10 thru September 28

On-Camera Acting II Limited to 12 – $250 or $125/month
7-10pm Tuesdays, August 9 thru September 27

Beginning Voice-Over Limited to 14 – ONLY $99 TOTAL!
7-10pm, 3 Thursdays, August 11, 18, and 25

Intermediate Voice-Over Limited to 12 – Instructor approval required – $295 (may be paid in two installments of $147.50)
7-10pm, 8 Thursdays, September 1 thru October 20

Voice-Over Demo Workshop – Limited to 6 – Instructor approval required – $395 – $100 deposit
7-10pm, 6 classes, TBD

VO Master Class – Limited to 12 – Instructor approval required
Guest Instructor, VO Agent Jeffrey Umberger
7-10pm MONDAYS, Ongoing — Only $99/month!

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Work out your comic timing and character development with Julie Shaer. (Sketchworks Cast Member, Writer)

Lose yourself laughing! This fun, six week intensive preps students in the basics of acting the fool. Learn the tenets of physical comedy, timing, and the fundamentals of creating over the top, but believable and successful characters for sketch comedy.  A combination of observation and improvisational exercises and script work stretches your imagination and your acting chops.

This class is a prerequisite for the Sketchworks Advanced Workshop Group, an eight-week session culminating in a live, original sketch comedy performance in the new Sketchworks Theatre.

7-10pm WEDNESDAYS, August 17 thru September 21
$250 (or two payments of $125)
Payment confirms your space.
Call yourACT to register.  404-499-9996.

Come see the latest “up and comers” in their very own, original Sketch Comedy showcase directed by Brian Bremer. For six weeks, the Master Class students break down original scripted material to bring you a night of comedic world premieres!

Two nights only, Friday and Saturday August 26th and 27th, in the Sketchworks Theater. Show starts at 8pm.  Tickets available online at

Haber Film/TV Audition Intensive

This Intensive course is designed for trained actors who have some audition experience.

6:30–10:30 p.m. twice a week for 4 weeks (8 classes)
Prerequisites: On-Camera I and II or approval of instructor
Limited to 12 students
$350, or pay in 2 installments of $175

As professional actors, we often audition and work on projects that don’t necessarily challenge the full spectrum of our talents. You may be comfortable with industrials, commercials, and voice-over but fall apart when you audition for a film. With the increase of film and television coming to Georgia, now more than ever, Atlanta talent needs to be ready for Hollywood auditions.

In this Intensive, actors work with film and television scripts, learning how to nail the audition in a limited amount of time. The focus is on the nuts and bolts of breaking down a scene, including relationship, intention, history, opening and closing beats, core and masking. Using the skills you learn will greatly improve your audition skills.  This valuable cold-reading technique works.

yourACT Acting Studios Atlanta is affiliated with the prestigious Margie Haber Acting Studios, located in Los Angeles. A renowned acting coach and author of the book How To Get The Part Without Falling Apart, Margie Haber does seminars and workshops worldwide and has worked with some of Hollywood’s top actors including Halle Berry, Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, Tea Leoni, Heather Locklear, Harry Hamlin, John Corbett, and Sophia Bush (“One Tree Hill”), among many, many others.

We are proud and honored that Margie has chosen yourACT Atlanta as the ONLY studio outside of L.A. to offer her approach to auditioning for film & television.  Della and Bob trained with Margie and her elite group of instructors at the Haber Studios in LA in order to teach the famous “Haber Audition Technique.”

“A big thanks to yourACT for offering this great class! I would recommend it highly to anyone serious about making big improvements to their auditioning technique. After taking eight classes, I feel much more confident in my understanding of scene breakdown theory, and [I have] an increased appreciation of the importance of identifying and exploring relationships and character history—all in 15 minutes or less! Thanks, Della.” —Wes Bailey

“I loved the Margie Haber class! It’s amazing the progress each actor made in only four weeks. I look forward to my next film audition because my approach has completely changed!” —Greer Howard

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Meisner Technique I

The Meisner Technique is considered by many to be THE best technique for film and stage. Casting directors, agents and directors are always encouraging actors to “be themselves” when reading for a role. This class works with the Meisner technique and a series of powerful exercises to help you learn how to bring the single greatest asset you can bring to any role – yourself.

These classes offer you a proven technique used by many of today’s top actors for crafting performances that are:

Grounded, organic and natural

Because of this, the Meisner technique is particularly well suited to film and television work. In this eight week class, you will learn and practice the foundation of any great acting: listening and responding truthfully in the moment. You will start to build an unshakeable foundation and confidence in your acting. Through dedication, hard work, and a willingness to take risks, actors leave with a solid, time tested technique that instills a profound level of confidence that serves both performance and auditions. You will begin to master:

*How to stay out of your head
*How to make strong, exciting choices
*How to expand your emotional range and availability
*How to listen and respond truthfully and in the moment

No outside work is required for this class.
Interview required for acceptance.
Class size is limited to 12.

When: 7-10pm MONDAYS, August 22 thru October 17 (skips Labor Day, September 5)
Where: yourACT Acting Studios Atlanta, 3041 N Decatur Rd, Scottdale, GA 30079
Cost: $295.00
Instructor: Robert Mello

Direct all inquiries to Robert at Please DO NOT call yourACT.

ABOUT ROBERT: Currently producing several independent features in Atlanta, Robert has taught this unique and highly effective Meisner-based acting technique for over a decade, and has coached or trained recipients of both the Tony award and the Emmy. His students have worked in dozens of top TV shows and features, including: GLEE, HOT IN CLEVELAND, GREY’S ANATOMY, THE OFFICE, BIG BANG THEORY, LOST, HARRY’S LAW, BROTHER AND SISTERS, OUTSOURCED, WEEDS, CSI, WILL & GRACE, NIP/TUCK, ARMY WIVES, SCRUBS and more.

He is the former VP of Development for Hazy Mills Productions and has produced and developed several pilots for FOX, FX, The CW, Showtime , CBS and TVLand. He was part of the team that developed the TVLand hit HOT IN CLEVELAND and GRIMM – which premieres on NBC this fall.

His experience both in front of and behind the camera at the casting table brings a unique perspective to his class. Demanding, but compassionate, he truly loves to teach and believes there is nothing wrong with having a couple good laughs along the way.

The Buzz

“Rob Mello is a wonderful director and coach. He gives insightful, rich feedback and direction without making me feel as if I have done it “wrong” at first. He is constantly curious and passionate and I always feel inspired rather than diminished after working with him.”
-Irene White
Green Hornet, Carpoolers,Brothers and Sisters,My Name is Earl,Will & Grace, Friends, Man Stroke Woman (Pilot – FX)

“Oh, Atlanta, you are in for a treat!!! He’s the real deal! Terrific teacher, huge heart!”
-Lauri Johnson
Mad Men, Nip/Tuck, Will & Grace, Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy

“Rob Mello is a caring, intelligent, witty director and teacher who has guided me time and again through the pitfalls of creating a successful performance. He’s improved my acting and writing and continues to be a driving force in my career. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to work with him for the rest of my life. He would be my guru, if I believed in that sort of thing. Plus he’s funny. Really, really funny. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with him.”
-Jennifer Burton
Joey, The Office, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

• Teaches the actor to listen and respond truthfully in the moment
• Brings great spontaneity to any performance
• Gets the actor out of their head
• Teaches the actor how to make strong, exciting choices
• Trains the actor to DO, rather then pretending to do
• Dramatically expands the actor’s emotional availability and range
• Relies more on the use of the imagination then dredging up personal, potentially damaging, psychological pain
• Teaches the actor how to work from their gut and instincts
• Builds confidence
• Results in HONEST, compelling performances.
• Trains the actor to bring the single greatest, most compelling, most original component to any performance or audition: themselves.

OSCAR Nominees and Winners who studied the Meisner Technique include: James Franco, Sandra Bullock, Tom Cruise, Joan Allen, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Robert Duvall and more!
EMMY Nominees and winners include: James Ganolfini,   Allison Janey, Dylan McDermott and more!

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Intro to On-Camera Acting

Taught by Bob Harter

A great opportunity for beginning actors to learn the fundamentals of slates, script analysis, camera technique, and connecting moment-to-moment in a scene.

Small class size, work on-camera.  Course meets 7-10pm once a week for three weeks.  Prepares you for the two 8-week courses that follow – On-Camera Acting I and On-Camera Acting II.

In this introductory course you will learn some of the vital elements needed for on-camera acting:

*Get an overview of the on-camera acting process
*Deal with nerves and let go of inhibitions
*Explore on-camera vs. stage acting
*Work on-camera every class!

Limited to 14 students
$90 Total
7-10pm THURSDAYS, August 11, 18, and 25
REGISTER ONLINE NOW at or call 404-499-9996.

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Ongoing Film/TV Audition

Strengthen your skills and explore your creativity with other experienced actors.

Instructors: Della Cole & Bob Harter
7-10pm MONDAYS

Film and TV has definitely come to Georgia!  This means our auditions skills have to be sharp and ready to go for those last minute castings.  Cold reading is definitely a skill every actor should have.  In this class, we’ll work on different styles of reads each night, so whether it’s dramatic or comedic–episodic, sitcom or feature film, you can go in the room with confidence.  Don’t fear that last minute script.  Have fun and enjoy your audition.

*Discover audition do’s and don’ts
*Find out what it takes to get callbacks and book more jobs
*Stay sharp and prepared for auditions and for the job
*Practice and reinforce your skills as an actor
*Tackle challenging material and explore it in-depth
*Experience the benefits of an ongoing workshop
*Enjoy the freedom of working with other committed actors who have already learned the basics of their craft and are now looking for deeper levels of understanding. A trust develops which encourages you to reach new heights.

Class limited to 14.  Surprise visits by directors, casting directors, and agents.

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I am looking for an amazing artist who would like to work with my events nationwide to create special sculptures or paintings that I will give as my Living Legends Awards at the Live Your Legacy Summit

It would be great if you have a special personal story too or a legacy of your own for special recognition at my event.

I want to make this a special partnership with the right artist for our needs and in turn they will get great advertisment for their works.

Email me at  THANKS!