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December 2012 /  January 2013
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You may not have a holiday office party to go to, or you have one to go to, but can’t have any real fun without getting fired.  That’s why we invite you to ours, where we have no behavioral standards.

“Sketchworks Company Holiday Party 2012: It’s Tinsel Time” is our annual mini-show, party and fundraiser. For many, it’s become the holiday party-season kickoff and a hazy tradition. Cocktail attire encouraged but not required. In fact, it’s clothing optional – as long as you wear a ribbon.


     • A one-act Sketchworks main stage show directed by yourACT’s own Bob Harter
     • Live Entertainment from Maria Howell
     • A “Silent Night” Auction
     • Food and Beverage
     • A No-Rejection Mistletoe Policy…

Saturday, December 8 @ 7 pm
Sketchworks Theatre


Tickets $25 online.


Thanks for partying and helping support this uniquely original Atlanta comedy institution.





By popular demand, we will be offering TWO great new classes in the New Year on Saturdays & Sundays!






& On-Camera Basics Revisited:


With decades of experience in front of and behind the camera, Julie demystifies the audition process with advice on how to make choices that will set you up for an engaging performance. She has always had an intense passion for learning and growing in her craft and believes in continuing education for every actor. Her approach to teaching incorporates varying techniques from several masters of the craft.

Julie believes each actor has to find the right mixture of tools that works best for them.

  • Script Analysis
  • Moment Before
  • Character Objective
  • Keeping Attention on “Other”
  • Subtext & Inner Monologue
  • Moment After
  • Character Choices (getting “Specific”)
  • Character Actions & Opinions

Julie recently finished filming TEN, an Arnold Schwartzenegger action-thriller.  She also worked with Colin Firth & Reese Witherspoon as Melissa Byers in Devil’s Knot and was cast for the feature The Hunger Games.  Other features include What To Expect When You’re Expecting with Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez, and Forces of Nature with Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck.  She also was seen in COMA, a Ridley Scott mini-series on A&E, with Cuba Gooding, Jr, in Fireflight, a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie on ABC.



1-4pm, 8 Saturdays, Jan 5 thru Feb 23


1-4pm, 8 Sundays, Jan 6 thru Feb 24

$250 or two payments of $125







Have you ever had any doubts about your level of skills as an actor…?

Have you ever wondered whether or not you are moving in the right direction…?

Have you ever questioned whether or not you have all the right contacts and credentials that a potential agent or casting director might be looking for…?


At last…a class to show you how not to be intimidated by revealing the truth that lurks within you. It is the core of our inner being that controls every aspect of our lives…in our work, our play, and inside ourselves.


David Nash has designed a Method Acting course to bring out the inner truth in you with some amazing results.

  • The business of the film industry & commercials
  • Relaxation, sensory, and improvisation exercises
  • Monologues & script interpretation
  • Moment-to-moment
  • Research and character development
  • How to perform with script in hand
  • Auditions
  • Working with the camera


1-4pm, 8 Saturdays, Jan 5 thru Feb 23


1-4pm, 8 Sundays, Jan 6 thru Feb 24

$250 or two payments of $125



Donations needed


Thanks to Widdi Turner, who each year places a  large cardboard box in the yourACT lobby for your donations of gently used warm coats.  The box will be there through December 9th, so you can bring them when you come to the Sketchworks Company Holiday Party.


About Our Volunteers and Agency Friends

Together, we have given away close to 3 million coats so far!

Many people join together to work toward our goal:

  • Donors clean out their closets and give their coats.
  • Volunteer leaders organize coat drives and collect coats in their home towns.
  • Social service agency volunteers and staff distribute the coats to those in need.
  • Sponsors help us get the word out in cities across the country.





As our way of saying THANKS for participating in yourACT classes in 2012, and as a way of saying WELCOME to new students joining us in 2013, we would like to extend these savings to you on our classes, both On-Camera and Voice-Over.


All classes meet 7-10p.  Call 404-499-9996 to check availability and to register, or register online.




Intro to On-Camera Acting – Thursdays, January 10, 17, and 24

Regularly $90, just $80!


On-Camera Acting I – December 18 thru February 19 (no class Christmas or New Years Day)

Pay in full, regularly $250, just $225!

Pay half, regularly $125, just $115!


On-Camera Acting II – January 2 thru February 20

Pay in full, regularly $250, just $225!

Pay half, regularly $125, just $115!


Film/TV Audition – Ongoing Mondays

December 3, 10, 17 – prorated at $75!





Beginning Voice- Over – Thursdays, January 24 & 31, and Februrary 7

Regularly $99, just $89!


Intermediate Voice- Over – Tuesdays, January 2 thru February 26

Pay in full, regularly $295, just $270!

Pay half, regularly $147.50, just $137.50!


Voice-Over Master Class with Guest Instructor VO Agent Jeffrey Umberger of Umberger Agency – 8 Mondays, January 7 thru February 25

Pay in full, $250

Pay half, $125


Voice- Over Demo Workshop – Mondays, January 7 thru February 11

Total cost: $395 includes fully produced MP3 demo

($100 non-refundable deposit required)




Taught by Bob Harter



As professional actors, we often audition and work on projects that don’t necessarily challenge the full spectrum of our talents. You may be comfortable with industrials, commercials, and voice-over but fall apart when you audition for a film. With the increase of film and television coming to Georgia, now more than ever, Atlanta talent needs to be ready for Hollywood auditions.


This Intensive course is designed for trained actors who have some audition experience and is taught by Bob Harter, who has trained with Margie Haber and her elite group of instructors at the Margie Haber Studio in Los Angeles.

Using the “Haber Audition Technique”, actors work with film and television scripts, learning how to nail the audition in a limited amount of time. The focus is on the nuts and bolts of breaking down a scene, including relationship, intention, history, opening and closing beats, core and masking. Using the skills you learn will greatly improve your audition skills. This valuable cold-reading technique works.


Margie herself will be coming to yourACT to teach her Advanced Intensive following this workshop.  Preference is given to actors who have completed this Intensive.



6:30-10:30 (approx) Tuesdays & Thursdays

January 22 thru February 14

Limited to 12

Pay in full $350 or pay half $175


Special Workshops in January!


Give yourself or someone you love




Voice-Over “Copy Grasp” Workshop

with VO Agent Sally Neal


Sally Neal, voiceover agent of Houghton Talent has this to say:

“A voice is just a voice until you add personality and a true understanding of what you are saying and why…  It’s the reason producers will choose one voice over another.”

Break down the copy you are given. Look at it from the producer’s and writer’s point of view. Figure out who the target audience is. Determine why your style/voice has been asked to audition the copy. Then, deliver the script in the most effective way to promote interest in the product. If you do it, you will book the jobs!

NOTE: Not for children or teens. Limited to 15. If necessary, time will be extended to 3:30pm.

Come and learn this important information!





yourACT proudly sponsors:

Hypnosis and NLP workshop for Actors

A hands on workshop that includes hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) specifically tailored for actors.




A playful experiential workshop designed by and presented by US based hypnotist Leigh Ann Ledbetter and Australian hypnotist and Master NLP practitioner and trainer Tony Kyprios.


Experience a new slant on techniques and tools that are designed to empower and shift personal limitations while expanding possibilities and potential.  This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about creating desired outcomes in an intimate small group setting.


What we are bringing is going to offer a wonderful opportunity to broaden your talents and to bring a freshness to your style.  This is a unique chance to learn some new techniques that have been innovatively intertwined to facilitate rapid change and professional as well as personal growth.


As performers we are always looking for new and better techniques to do what we do with more inspiration and ease.  Here is a workshop that enables you to develop practical skills while working on yourself to obtain new levels of mastery in self awareness for successful auditions.  You will undoubtedly walk away with tangible benefits to your career. 


Benefits to your career:

· Raise your success rate with auditions, which will readily translate to more new positive opportunities.

· Get the edge in auditions and performances by incorporating creative hypnotic and NLP techniques and tools into your repertoire of skills.

· Eliminate negative self talk, self doubt and any other blocks to improve confidence and move into having a more powerful on stage and on camera presence.

· Create memorable performances by connecting at a subconscious level to be able to allow your abilities to flow easily, effortlessly and naturally.


Don’t we all look for opportunities to improve our skills?

The professional and personal benefits could be enormous, couldn’t they?  All these benefits could flow and create all the career success you have been looking for, couldn’t they?


And what could that do for you……?


Seats are limited, but don’t you be!




Call 404-499-9996 to get on the list – you will be called once the January date is set.



with Josh Harris


Ever dreamed of sending huge crowds into fits of laughter, having killer stage presence, and knowing what it takes to make money being funny? Now’s your chance!

Nationally acclaimed comedian Josh Harris from NBC’s Stand Up for Diversity, Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes, and Dave FM’s Atlanta’s Funniest Person Finalist shows you how to “find your funny” in this 8-week stand-up comedy class!



8 Mondays, 7-10p, January 14 thru March 4

$295 or two payments of $147.50



Level 2 –

8 Saturdays, 1-4p, January 26 thru March 16

This advanced comedy class is aimed to give one a true understanding of what it takes to be a professional comic.

Students will create a new set with the goal of having a strong 10 minute routine – enough time to host at a real comedy club. Individuals will be required to perform and video tape at least one set a week and bring it to class for a detailed breakdown.







Witness the birth of funny as Josh Harris’ Comedy Class takes over the world famous Punchline! It’s an all out night of hilarity as these rising stars begin their ascent into the comedy kingdom! Featuring Bounce TV’s Josh Harris and Landry: winner of the Boston Comedy Festival.

These shows are consistent sell-outs so buy your tickets now!




Ismprov is an Improv format with George Faughnan (left), Troy Halverson, Ben Owen, Perry Rebekah Frost, Bernie Clark, Randy Havens, Barbara Tushbant, Kevin Gillese, Cris Gray and Rueben Medina to name a few. 


    Our goal is to disprove the old adage that improvisation should never be original, political, or address social grievances.  We accomplish this without alienating audiences by focusing on the embodiment and relationships of ideas to each other, and how they form the future.


    We filter these embodied ideas through a term ending in “ism” because those words signify most of the artistic movements, governmental systems, or schools of thought that have been perpetrated throughout history and continue to form the future of humanity.  So far, we have explored: Sexism, Ageism, Schism, Optimism, Objectivism, and Communism.




Tickets are $10 at the door.

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