Welcome to our Blog!

We hope you enjoy all the new ways we are keeping you involved with what we’re doing here at Houghton Talent! This is a BRAND NEW BLOG, which we will use to communicate news from around the office, keep you informed on workshops, extra opportunities, and answer frequently asked questions. You can copy this link into your browser, follow the links from your April Newsletter, or www.houghtontalent.com.

This is going to be used by everyone here in the office: Gail, Mystie, Deb, Sally, Verda, and Chase. We will do our best to be thorough in our posts and to update our FAQ to anticipate any questions you may have, but if you still have questions please email us for clarity. We have disabled comments on our posts to keep this blog as cleaned-up as possible.

Make sure to check back often to see what’s new and any feedback you have is greatly appreciated!

~ Your Houghton Talent Team