Where the Hell is Scottdale?



Contrary to popular belief, it is in Georgia.  Not only that, it’s in metro Atlanta.  Not only that, it’s inside the perimeter.  Just outside Decatur to be exact.


And it’s definitely worth finding so you can come get the live Sketchworks experience.  Plenty of free parking, and it’s right near a Kroger in case you want a rotisserie chicken after the show.


Here’s the place, we’ll see you soon.


Our calendar is stuffed.  Main Stage shows, Master Class shows, Writer/Actor Combo showcases, SketchTeens, etc.  


You can get into anything and everything we do, plus get some other perks, if you’re a Season Pass holder.


So get it and hold it.   Sketchworks Season Pass site.

Sketchworks videos!  It’s what you’d see if someone were dumb enough to give us a TV show.   Sketchworks YouTube Channel
Like Canaries In the Coal Mine, You Sent Others to Check Out the Show First, and Here’s What They’re Saying!  


“We laughed so hard.  I even snorted.”
“I’m telling all my friends.”
“I can’t wait to see the next one (or I might organize a girls night and go again.”
“You guys are amazing!!!”
“I’m coming back in a couple of weeks and bringing my grown kids.”
“Scene after scene of great stuff.”
“Exhausted from laughing…and then came the second half!”
So are all of these people bold faced liars?  Maybe about other things, but not about how funny this show is.
The show runs every Fri and Sat through Oct 20, but do not wait.  And our shows sell out, so please get your tickets in advance at
“Like” us, otherwise this is nothing more than a flippant, tawdry affair.  Sketchworks Facebook Fan Page.