SketchTeens! Saturday Jul 18, 2009 8:00 PM Sunday Jul 19, 2009 5:00 PM

Where can you get a geek, a princess, a criminal, a basket case, and an athlete all together in one room? Your local high school? Guess again. It’s The SketchTeens “Sketchfast Club”! With all the teen drama you’re looking for and none of the wasted unused minutes. Come watch these 10 teens tackle driving, dating, and even vampires – all while demonstrating that there’s way more embarrassment to be had as a teen than just body changes and voice cracks. 8pm July 18 and 5pm July 19 ONLY. Directed by Sketchworks cast member Amber Chaney.   Starring an incredible cast of teens!   Sketchworks Producer & Actor Brian Bremer had this to say:   Hey gang,
I just got back from tech on the new and first ever SketchTeens program, “The Sketchfast Club”…that Amber has worked so hard to put together and Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow! What she has done with these teens, and the raw, amazing talent up there is Just Incredible!!
  If you hadn’t planned on it and are able, please make plans to support Amber and her show by seeing these amazing teens – you really won’t believe the calibre and what Amber has done with them – by seeing their show at either 8pm on Saturday at the theater, or 5pm on Sunday. You’ll be glad you did, and it will renew your faith in…uhm…children. Nevermind, just see this show. You will have a blast!
  Thanks guys, and hope you’ll all try to see these young-uns in action. Great job, Amber. I was really impressed!   And you will be too!  Come join us this weekend.  TICKETS ONLY $10 online at or at the door.  Suitable for ages 13 and over.   Special Thanks To: Timothy Murray, Jen Kelley, Dave Berry, Brian Bremer, Karen Morgan, Dennis Coburn, Keel Heisler, Jeannie Harvard and all of the parents and family members who helped to pick up, drop off and run lines.  Thank You