Q&A With Marci Phillips


Q&A w/ Marci Phillips (Executive Director, ABC Casting)
(Part 1)
Q:   Are there certain actors who you bring in regularly for auditions?  What do those actors do that makes them appealing to you?  Is it simply about talent, or other factors as well? -Michael S. (NYC)


A:  The actors that I bring in time and time again are the ones who give me a consistently polished performance in the audition. Their lines are memorized (but the page is always in hand just in case!), their choices are strong and well thought out, and they understand the importance of being either fun or compelling (or both!) for a Series Regular role. These actors always give me something different than the 20 actors who came in before them and the 20 actors who will come in after them. They are every bit as prepared in the audition as they would be if they already had the job and this were Day 1 of shooting.

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