Laughing Skull Comedy

> The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival returns to Atlanta March 27th-31st.

> The shows are $15-$20, but due to a sponsorship from 247 Comedy Radio,

> we’re able to offer up to 50 tickets for the staff of Houghton Talent,

> Inc. and your guests at just $5 each.


> One hundred comedians from aroud the world will be competing for cash

> prizes and television spots, while guest headliners come in and

> entertain at five venues around Atlanta (including the Laughing Skull

> and the Improv!). Past guests have included Margaret Cho, Christopher

Titus, and Joan Rivers.


> You and your guests can purchase discount tickets at

> with the promo code HFIVE


> (And if that code runs out, use the code HTEN for $10 tix!)