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Please review these questions before inputting a general inquiry.

Where are you located?

Atlanta, GA. West Midtown Design District. For directions and contact info, please refer to our contact page.

How do I submit to Houghton Talent?

Send submissions via standard-mail. Please do not call/email/drop off, refer to the submissions page for instructions.

What happens after I submit? Should I follow up?

Unfortunately, time doesn’t permit us to track receipt of individual submissions but you will be contacted if/when we are interested in exploring representation. We review on receipt and hold new talent review once a quarter.

Are there any fees involved in submitting to or joining your agency?

There is no fee to submit or sign with Houghton Talent.  If we sign you, you will need to establish profiles on a short list of professional websites that require monetary subscriptions. Beyond that, we collect commission each time we book you.

What types of auditions do you send to your talent?

Our talent audition for feature films, tv, print and fashion work, commercials, industrial videos, voiceover and live work.

Does your agency require “Exclusivity?”

Talent only sign for exclusivity within each category in which they are represented. For example, Theatrical (which includes television/film), Commercial (which includes industrial), and Print. Our Voice-Over department does not ask for exclusivity.

I'm a photographer/videographer/instructor, can I be on your recommended list?

Our resource list is comprised of people with a solid reputation in the market, and newer names that are getting great press so it’s strictly driven by recommendations from our talent.


Here are frequently asked questions by new and existing talent. Please review these before contacting us with questions.

When should I expect to receive payment for the job I worked?

Normally, non-union is 60-90 days and union work is usually within 45-days. We turn payment around within seven working days.   Include the sag link to how payments work. If you have not received payment within these timeframes, email the agent who booked you, including a copy of the booking or audition email if possible. Any booking details you provide will speed our search process.

Can you review my headshot proofs?

We ask that you mail or drop off 4×6 proofs of your top 10-15 choices. We review and notify you once choices are made and the proofs are ready for pick-up. The final choice is yours, but our suggestions hopefully serve as a guide.

Can I self-submit?

If you see a film or television project online that allows self-submission, it’s fine to submit. Many projects will likely be low budget and/or out of state, so pay careful attention to the details. Most casting directors on major projects do not accept self-submissions. Usually these projects will email you directly, so be sure to check your messages and keep us looped in if you are selected.

We prefer that you do not self-submit for commercial projects. If you are interested in being submitted for a commercial project you’ve seen online, please reach out to your commercial team with the details so we can determine if the rate is appropriate for the usage. Participating in low budget commercials may create conflicts that could exclude you from more lucrative opportunities going forward, so it is important to exercise caution.

Should I join the union?

Union membership is very valuable and a great plan, but joining too early can preclude you from the resume building work that’s available in the market and necessary for success. We recommend you join once so just check in with us as things evolve.

What if I'm not union but I still want to work on a union job?

Georgia is a Right-to-Work state. If you are not a union member, you are still able to work on a union set.

Should I put that I'm SAG eligible on my resume?

Some casting directors ask so it’s helpful to include.

Is it okay to pass on auditions?

Casting Networks requires a reason for declining but only the agency sees this reply so you can note if you object to the material, have a product conflict, or would like to tape. Other times, certain details aren’t posted so we can’t know what a role entails before presenting talent options to casting. Feel free to pass any time for any reason. We may contact you again if there are extenuating circumstances that might cause you to reconsider your decision.

What is deferred compensation?

Deferral means that you will only be paid if production shows a profit after expenses. Talent often do not receive payment because on these projects, by the time expenses are paid, nothing is left.  A contract is always a good idea (whether money is offered or not) so that that each party’s expectations are mutually agreed upon.

When are 1099’s issued?

Postmarked by January 31st if earnings are $600 or more in non-taxed wages.

Should I do Extra work?

For theatrical work where you’re not truly background, extra work could preclude you from principal opportunities on that show. For commercials, there are many reasons for accepting Extra work. It may make sense because of your avail, who you will meet, the rate and/or time commitment. We do not categorize anyone for strictly extra work so being boxed in is not a concern.

Do I need a demo reel?

Although it’s not absolutely necessary, we recommend you create a compilation of your work and post to your online resumes. Some clients request that we only submit talent with available reels. If you do not have any work available to showcase, keep building your credits and eventually you will.

There are local companies who compile reels. It’s wise to shop around and see samples of their work. Make sure:

  • the reel opens with a shot of you
  • your best clips are first
  • focus is you, no other actor, and not any storyline. It doesn’t have to make sense, it’s just a quick review of your work.
  • Keep to 2 minutes or less.

Should I do Indie films?

Indie work is a great way to build your resume and to forge relationships. Be sure to:

  • Check references/Do your research
  • Review contract
  • Pay particular attention to any safety issues/concerns
  • See script ahead of time
  • Get contact info that will be good afterward
  • Get a copy for your reel
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