CL Casting Seeks teens/early 20’s for next week – EXTRA WORK

Be on set of Neighborhood Watch for Halloween or another night next week! CL Casting is currently looking for 18-21 year olds to work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of next week. (Yes, you must be 18!) =).

*Please note all of these are night shoots*

18-21 Year Olds to be in a party scene that works on Halloween and Nov 1st: All Ethnicities! You just have to be in the 18-21 age range to be considered. Please note, you must be available both nights for this particular shoot. If you want to work Nov 2nd, and 3rd as well, just let us know!

Couples (18-21 Year Olds): Must be willing to kiss each other on camera. Works October 31 and Nov 1.

18-20 Year Olds to be football fans – All ethnicities! Works Nov 2 and Nov 3rd. You just have to be in the 18-21 age range to be considered.

18-20 Year Old Fans – Females and Males, willing to have face paint on.

18-20 Year Old Fans – Males, willing to wear painted letters on their chests to a football game to show their team spirit!

Once you decide that you are interested, available, and what we are looking for, the next thing to do is submit yourself for review. This is done by an email submission.
First, add a subject line:
Days you are available/ Your Age/ Ethnicity/ Your Gender/Your Height/ Your Weight/ then additional info (From Above)
Here’s everything broken down:
Available Days: Monday = M, Tuesday = T, Wednesday = W, Thursday = TH (remember if you want to work Monday/Tuesday, YOU MUST be available both nights)
Next add your Age (Actual age not age range)
Your Ethnicity: C-Caucasion, AA-African American, A-Asian, H-Hispanic, I-Indian, O-Other
Your Gender: M-Male F-Female
Your Height: Please be accurate.
Your Weight: Please be accurate.
Last thing – add your specifics or Additional Information. Here’s how to tell us quickly if you have some of the specifics we were looking for.
If you are one of the 18-21 year old girls we are looking for please add this at the end depending on which one you fit
If you are interested in the party scene (Shoots Oct 31 and Nov 1 – must be avail both nights) Put PARTY
If you are interested in being a kissing couple (Shoots Oct 31 and Nov 1 – must be available both nights) Put KISS
If you are interested in the football scene (Shoots Nov 2 and Nov 3rd ) Put GAME
If you are interested in going to the football scene and getting your face painted Put FACE
If you are interested in being a team spirit male with your chest painted (Shoots Nov 2 and Nov 3rd) Put PAINT

Kelly the extra!
Kelly is available all days and she is a 18 year-old caucasian female that is 5’1 and 105 pounds. She is interested in going to the party scene with her boyfriend. (She is also submitting photos of him). Her subject line would look like this:
M, T, W, TH/18/C/F/5’1/105/PARTY/KISS

Johnny the extra!
Johnny is available ONLY Wednesday and Thursday. He is a 19 year old African American Male. He is 5’11 and 180. Now Johnny, he has a lot of team spirit and he wants to be one of the guys that gets a letter painted on his chest. His subject line would look like this:
W, TH, 19/AA/M/5’11/180/GAME/PAINT

Now that the subject line is entered, you can move on to the body of the email.

You can write whatever you want to us, but make sure you list the following (again).
Age, Height, Weight, Contact Information.

Attach Three Pictures – The more the better.
We request a minimum of three with at least one close-up of your face and and one full body picture, but if you get a little carried away and send more than three, we love it! The photos should be clear. We prefer that you be the only one in the picture, but understand it’s not always possible. They do not have to be professional. We like snapshots that catch the REAL you.

Step 5. SEND IT
Please send all submissions to Double check that your subject line is correct and you have all the information in the body of e-mail.

That’s it!! We will give you a call if we need you! Oh, and if you haven’t liked us on FACEBOOK yet you should probably do so CL CASTING

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