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the only teacher
selected on both coasts as as one of  
Backstage West/East 


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  In the OUTLIERS, a book by Malcom Gladwell,  he says the key to success in any field is 10,000 hours of PRACTICE.

Clock some of those learning with us! 


with Caryn West
Gear up for pilot season and use
our  Internet Readiness Review- the new “Pre Read”,
so you are in tip top shape for CDs and appointments.

Our script analysis and preparation checklists  encourage new success habits, specificity and confidence. You will get lots of camera time working on preassigned sides, not last minute assignments in class.  We simulate a real audition’s conditions… this with one of the busiest coaches on either coast.   


February 2/3  Sat/Sun  10-5pm


Also by SKYPE or FACETIME for NYC clients
in NYC Jan 10-21


where real, lasting craft is honed and the soul of our art is fed

co-taught by 2 working professionals
(esteemed theater director and co artistic director of BOSTON COURT)    
Monday eve.s  7-11pm
resumes Jan 28, 2013  month to month  
( 8 week minimum commitment and by appt only)  
Its time to knock off the rust and get truly inspired about your craft, through deeper investigations of character, texts and styles. Work every week.  Our 2013 themes are “soulfulness and authenticity”.             
               3 slots open, call 818.693.4625 for appt/interview. Auditors welcome!

LISA THARPS  just booked  3 days on LAW AND ORDER SVU in NYC!

Laurine LAURINE TOWLER: “I just wanted to thank you for helping me to book my very first Law & Order episode (SVU)!  I attribute it to sitting in on your audition workshop years ago where you talked about the different acting styles needed for different TV shows and suggested (… a tool CW will reveal in class) for Law and Order auditions. I never forgot that and when the audition turned up out of the blue I did just that at the initial audition and callback and BOOKED IT! Thanks! I played a lawyer and had a nice scene with Mariska Hargitay & Danny Pino A delicious day!” 
    JOhn ROthman

starts rehearsals next week for the Broadway bound stage adaptation of Capote’s BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS  adapted by Richard Greenberg!


VICTORIA SUMMER “Caryn has the ability to quickly comprehend a scene and bring it to life. She inspires ideas and actions that would have otherwise gone untapped. I wouldn’t go anywhere else with my audition material” .(shot 4 feature film parts , including SAVING MR BANKS- starring Colin Farrell, Colin & Tom Hanks with whom she has a scene! Currently shooting a lead in HIGHER MISSION in Oklahoma)





for classes and for other career services



7504 Lexington Ave. ,West Hollywood, Ca. 90046