BluePrint Acting Studios

Studio 11 Films are pleased to announce the launch of Blueprint Acting Studio – Film/Television Conservatory and our newly structured acting classes. This conservatory style of teaching will not only focus on educating and developing the necessary skills, but empowering and enhancing the minds through a series of training that is intended to push you to the limit. We guarantee that you will finish this classfeeling more confident as an actor. Learning to connect is vital to a long lasting career and Blueprint Acting Studios is the place to start!


We are excited to announce that through the duration of February we are offering free acting classes for children beginning on Saturday, February 16 and ending February 23! Children between the ages of 7-12; class is 1-2:30pm and children between the
ages of 13-16; class is 3-4:30pm. Our Youth program will commence on May 4 with an acting showcase. During this showcase you will see all the works that have been put forth in more ways than one!
Space is limited, please RSVP by emailing us at


For more information on starting your career, advancing your career, or simply taking that leap of faith that you’ve dreamed about, contact Blueprint Acting Studios and get started today!