AUDITION NOTICE for “Happy Hour”, a comedy short by Angela Gomes

MAY 28TH. YourACT /

Please contact Tracy Martin for audition slot:



“Happy Hour” is a short film about Allison, an attractive 20-something struggling

to get over her recent breakup with her boyfriend. She plans on spending the

day curled up on the sofa, drowning her sorrows in ice cream and bourbon, but

her friends show up with a crazy — and somewhat morally questionable — plan to

snap her out of her funk.

“Happy Hour” is an unromantic comedy short. Our target audience is men and

women between 16 – 45 and we feel the film would have a PG-13 rating for

strong language, adult situations and brief nudity. The film will be 12 minutes



Angela Gomes recently returned to Atlanta after 12 years of living and working in

Los Angeles. She has worked as a DGA Assistant Director since 1996 and

became a DGA Director in 2005. She has directed several music videos, concert

videos and webisodes, as well as an episode of the UPN comedy “Eve”. She

currently has a development deal with a national cable network for an original

micro-series she will write and direct.


All the characters are attractive, but not model looking and in their early to mid

20’s. They should be funny, but able to play the parts straight, and not slapstick

or over the top (think “Being John Malkovich” not “Zoolander”).

Allison (lead) – Normally Allison is a smart, sassy, ass kicking momma who is

always in control of her life – but not today. After her boyfriend cheats on her,

she wants to spend the day wallowing in self pity and booze and is none too

happy when her plans are interrupted. (Think 25 year old versions of Parker

Posey, Elizabeth Banks, Rosario Dawson, Janeane Garofalo or Monica Keena)

Todd (lead) – Todd wants to be the sexy guy, but he’s too much of a dork to pull

it off. Thing is, he could actually be hot if he had any self confidence. This role

plays closer to straight comedy than the others, so this actor should have good

comedic timing. The role of Todd requires nudity. Although we won’t show

frontal nudity on camera, you will need to be naked during filming and will

spend the majority of screen time in various stages of undress. (Think

Michael Cera, Justin Long, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jason Segal, Casey Affleck,

Shia LeBeouf or a 25 year old John C. Reilly)

Steve (supporting) – Steve is the kind of guy who always knows how to say the

right thing to get out of a sticky situation. He cheats on Allison, but isn’t sorry he

cheated as much as he is sorry he got caught. (Think 25 year old versions of

Jude Law, George Clooney, Paul Walker, Mark Walberg or even a toned down

Jerry O’Connell)

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