Agatha’s “The Bachelor A Date With Death” – Mothers Day Matinee

Hungry For Laughs? Then Don’t  Miss….

“The Bachelor A Date With Death”

        Opening On Thursday April 21, 2011 
      Showing until Wednesday July 27,2011

bachlor pic

                           Written By: Marc Farley  Directed By: Ryan Girard
    Sunday May 8th, 2011 3:00pm Show Time 

 “The Bachelor A Date With Death”

Make it a Mothers Day she won’t soon forget! 
Serving a 5 Course Meal with Champagne and
A Side Order of Murder! $55.00 Per Person.      

                                            Reservations: 404-584-2255
       Reservations:   404-584-2255     Info:404-584-2211

Ryan Girard
Katie Kneeland
Jamie Moore
Leslie Sharpe
Emily Turner
Emilio Perey

Agatha’s is located at
161 Peachtree Ctr Ave
in Downtown Atlanta.
@ The Corner of Andrew
Young International Blvd
& Peachtree Ctr Ave
$ 5.00 
Parking in the

 161 Garage Parking Deck.
  Gift Cert. available…..GREAT
  GIFT IDEA!    404-584-2255

Marc Farley wrote the show.  It’s good.  And it’s funny.  So you should come see it.  Cuz he’s good at writing stuff. Like shows.  Shows like this one.  Cuz it’s funny.  And he’s funny.  So that’s a good combination for a comedy murder mystery.  If this were drama, he’d probably be bad.  But this is comedy.  Comedy good.
Ryan Girard
Ryan is back and is so excited to be bringing The Bachelor: A Date with Death to life.  He is really looking forward to dealing with his issues of women, dating, tropical locales, and television cameras.  Not because he watched the TV show, not EVERY SINGLE season.  He might have missed one episode here or there, and if he didn’t TIVO it it’s not like he went  crazy until the next week came on.  It’s not like he’s addicted.
Katie Kneeland
Katie is back with us at Agatha’s for a LIMITED ENGAGEMENT!!!  Actually, she’s here til June, so you have some time.  But she wanted to get the word out just in case you were busy until the summer equinox.  Cuz that’s when she’s leaving.  She’s got a thing she has to be ready for when it happens, and when it happens, oh man is nit gonna be AWESOME!!  She’ll tell you more about it if you ask, but you have to know the code word.  And the code word is only known to those who study the summer equinox.  Good luck.
Leslie Sharp
Hello and welcome to Leslie’s first Agatha’s show. Don’t worry, Leslie knows her way around a Murder Mystery. Having preformed with such great Improv groups as Laughing Matters,  Dads Garage  and Seven Course Theater. Leslie has left her mark on most Atlanta landmarks. And by mark, we mean she has slept underneath them. Hope to make you laugh ,and teach you something about the real meaning of LOVE.
Jamie Moore
Jamie is back with us at Agatha’s for his second show.  For those of you that saw him in his first show with us, you’re probably wondering, “Really?  He’s back?”  And we would have to answer with a resounding”……um….yeah.”  So come see him do better than he did the first time, not that he did bad, he was really good.  So you can only imagine how good he is in this show.  Come see him!
Thank You

For Your  Support
Over the
Last 25 Years!
New Pricing:  After six years with no increase  in our ticket price, we have no choice but to go up $2.00 per seat. Sun. –  Fri. $62.00.    Sat. $64.50.
Group pricing 20 or more Sun. – Fri. $58.50.


We Hope to See You Soon!

Cat, Rick & All of Us at Agatha’s.