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Hard to believe but Christmas is less than a week away! “Have A Holly Jolly Murder” has had a great run and it’s not over yet. Looking for the perfect New Years Eve Venue? Join us for the best deal with the most fun you’ll find Downtown for New Years Eve. Elaborate appetizer buffet on arrival. Plus four more courses ending with a lavish dessert. Party favors, commemorative champagne flute keepsake for toasting the New Year. Door prizes(accomodations at the Ellis Hotel & tickets to Agatha’s, plus others). All this for just $85.00 per person(price includes a glass of wine, champagne toast, tax and tip). As always parking for Agatha’s only $5.00. 9:00pm Show Time 8:00-8:30 arrival “Have A Holly Jolly Murder” thru January 9th Opening January 10th “Good Morning Murder”. GIFT CERTIFICATES Available. Great Gift Idea! Gift Certificates/Reservations Phone 404-584-2255. for more info.

The Cast of  “H ave A Holly Jolly Murder”

   Ryan Girard

It’s Ryan’s favorite time of year!  The sights, the sounds, the smells!  Of course he’s talking about the one time he allows himself to see his family.  Man, the smells.  He also enjoys getting to spread a little holiday cheer here at Agatha’s!  In fact, this year he’s ready to spread so much cheer that you are DEFINITELY gonna get some on you!  Come on out and see if you get covered in cheer, but if you do, he ain’t paying for the dry cleaning.

  Katie Kneeland

Katie most favorite time of the year is the holidays.  And she doesn’t care about which holiday you’re talking about.  If you’re ready to celebrate Arbor Day, then she’ll party with you.  But if you’re talking about the holidays, like most people talk about the holidays, then she’s ready for that too.  But if you’re not talking about the holidays that most people are talking about, and …..wait….now she’s confused….which holidays are you talking about?  Are they different then the ones I’m talking about? Jut let me know, then we’ll celebrate.

 Daniel Triandiflou

Dan has one word for the holidays.  It’s not a big word, it’s not a small word, it’s more a medium sized one.  It encompasses everything he feels about the season.  You know that feeling you get when you hear all the songs, and see all the decorations, and then head to the mall and go thru the traffic, and all the people at the mall? Yeah, that’s how he feels.  And then you get to drive home, after spending hours at the mall, and you never really got that one gift that you were looking for, and the parking lot was crazy, and WHAT IS THAT GUY DOING IN MY LANE?!?!?  Actually, now that he thinks about it all, he’d like to change his one word.  It’s pretty short now. Come find out Dan’s word at Agatha’s this holiday season!

Amber Chaney

Amber is so thrilled to be back at Agatha’s for the holiday show, “Have a Holly Jolly Murder!” She’s been looking forward to getting dressed up for people again.  And this time, she gets paid for it.  It’s like the bestest holiday gift ever!  It’s not like she can’t go get dressed up for no reason, but it just seems so much more festive when she gets paid for it, and not just sit outside a mall dressed in some weird elf costume, with everyone looking at her but no one daring to talk to her.  Maybe it’s because she screams at people when she gets angry, but if they’d just stop and say Hi! then she wouldn’t get SO ANGRY!  Happy Holidays!

   Marc Farley

Marc has had an amazing year, and it’s only November!  Wait, that means that the year is almost over.  Well, crap.  Anyway, he wrote “Have a Holly Jolly Murder!” for everyone to enjoy at Agatha’s and he hopes you come on out and have a good holiday time!  Then, coming in January, on the Discovery Science Channel, you can see him as a series regular cast member on the new TV show, “Stuff You Should Know.”  It’s based on the podcast of the same name.  But if you don’t know the podcast, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch the TV show, because you should.  And if you don’t know what a podcast is, well……he can’t help you.


        Gift Certificates Available…Great Gift Idea!   Can’t come to us ? We’ll come to you! Off-Site Shows when and where you need them. Lunch Shows as well. Call Rick for more info. 404-584-2255 . Over night and/or weekend Hotel Packages  Available at Residence Inn Atlanta Downtown (includes discounted seats at Agatha’s)

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