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Upcoming Classes: 

V-O Copy Grasp

Beginning V-O

Standup Comedy

Intro to On-Camera

ONGOING Film/TV Audition

Standup Comedy


Kids & Teens:


Fall 4-month session



Combo Class Showcase

Intro to Sketch Comedy Writing or Acting

50 Shades of Sketch

Sketchworks Combo Class Showcase Presents:

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Sketch

Directed by Jen Kelley

What happens when 9 extremely prolific and incredibly talented writers meet once a week for 8 weeks?  They find the key to sketch comedy. 


Performing their own material, you can bet it will be Extremely & Incredibly Fun! 


Friday, September 7 & Saturday, September 8

Two Shows only – 8pm


Get tix online!


Intro to Sketch Comedy Writing OR Acting!
Intro to Sketch Comedy Writing

Do you find yourself watching SNL or other comedies on TV and say to yourself “I could write material like that!”  Or “I want to do that!”?  Well, here’s your chance.

Starting September 10th learn to become a sketch writer by starting with our Intro to Sketch Writing class with Robin Henry. Space is limited.

Register online.

Intro to Sketch Comedy Acting


Also starting September 10th learn to become a sketch comedian by starting with our Intro to Sketch Acting class with Casey Holloway. Space is limited.


Register online.

People are signing up now and spots DO go fast. Do it. You will be very happy you did.


What happens when naive, trusting comedy fans wander into the world of an enigmatic sketch comedy troupe? A troupe that is brilliant, intimidating, but grappling with their own demons?  Do these comedy fans hang on to their cautious reserve? Or are they ready to subject themselves to comedy on Sketchworks’ bizarre terms?  They will be shocked, yet thrilled.  What they experience will stay with them forever.  And they will need to be alone for an hour after the show. 


Don’t miss the all new Sketchworks main stage show “50 Shades of Sketch,” Fridays and Saturdays at 8p at the Sketchworks Theatre Sept. 21 through Oct. 20.  


Directed by Brian Bremer.


Get tix online!


For info go to the Sketchworks website.


Or email us.


Voice-Over “Copy Grasp” Workshop

with V-O Agent Sally Neal


Sally Neal, voiceover agent of Houghton Talent has this to say:

“A voice is just a voice until you add personality and a true understanding of what you are saying and why…  It’s the reason producers will choose one voice over another.”

Break down the copy you are given. Look at it from the producer’s and writer’s point of view. Figure out who the target audience is. Determine why your style/voice has been asked to audition the copy. Then, deliver the script in the most effective way to promote interest in the product. If you do it, you will book the jobs!

NOTE: Not for children or teens. Limited to 15. If necessary, time will be extended to 3:30pm.

Come and learn this important information!


One Day Only | Saturday, 1 – 3 pm
September 8


Register online.



Beginning Voice-Over

September 25, October 2, and October 9

Taught by Della Cole

As head of the voice-over department with one of Atlanta’s top agencies, Della enjoyed booking talent for this challenging and fun area of the business. We’ve all heard the voice behind the TV commercial, or the radio spot that compels us to buy that product! It sounds so easy when we hear it, but the fact is… it takes practice. 

This workshop, limited to 14 students, introduces you to the tools and techniques of voice-over. In this 3-week class, you will learn:

     • Microphone technique
     • Enunciation and delivery (bring it off the page-deliver in ideas)
     • Reading with inflection to sound natural and conversational 
     • Pacing and how to approach the different styles of commercials


3 Weeks – Tuesdays, 7-10 pm
September 25, October 2 & 9


Register online.



Intro to On-Camera ActingNovember 1, 8, and 15

Taught by Bob Harter



A great opportunity for beginning actors to learn the fundamentals of slates, script analysis, camera technique, and connecting moment-to-moment in a scene. In this introductory course you will learn some of the vital elements needed for on-camera acting:

     • Get an overview of the on-camera acting process
     • Deal with nerves and let go of inhibitions
     • Explore on-camera vs. stage acting
     • Work on-camera every class!

Class is limited to 14 students and all will work on-camera. This intro class will prepare you for the two 8-week courses that follow:
On-Camera Acting I and On-Camera Acting II.


3 Weeks – Thursdays, 7-10 pm
November 1, 8 & 15


Register online.


ONGOING Film/TV Audition Class 7-10pm MONDAYS

Taught by Bob Harter with guest instructors

Strengthen your skills and explore your creativity with other experienced actors. Film and TV has definitely come to Georgia! This means our audition skills have to be sharp and ready to go for those last minute castings. Cold reading is a skill every actor should have. In this class, we’ll work on different styles of reads each night, so whether it’s dramatic or comedic–episodic, sitcom or feature film, you can go in the room with confidence. Don’t fear that last minute script. Have fun and enjoy your audition.

• Discover audition do’s and don’ts
• Find out what it takes to get callbacks and book more jobs
• Stay sharp and prepared for auditions and for the job
• Practice and reinforce your skills as an actor
• Tackle challenging material and explore it in-depth
• Experience the benefits of an ongoing workshop
• Don’t fear that last minute script

Class limited to 14. Surprise visits by directors, casting directors, and agents.
Ongoing – Mondays, 7-10 pm


Register online.


Ever dreamed of sending huge crowds into fits of laughter, having killer stage presence, and knowing what it takes to make money being funny? Now’s your chance! 

Nationally acclaimed comedian Josh Harris from NBC’s Stand Up for Diversity, Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes, and Dave FM’s Atlanta’s Funniest Person Finalist shows you how to “find your funny” in this 8-week stand-up comedy class!

Here’s what you get:

• Learn how to craft a joke
• Find your unique comedic voice
• Create a hilarious original comedy set
• Develop confidence and killer stage presence
• Perform in a live Graduation Show at a sold out comedy club of
• friends and family!

Students will receive:

• DVD of Graduation Show! (Available for purchase end of class)
• Stand up comedy worksheets
• A list of all the clubs and open Mics in Atlanta!
• A free hug from Josh (You’re Welcome)
8 Weeks – Mondays, 7-10 pm
October 22 – December 10



September 8 thru December 15



Kids & Teens have fun while learning to perform on-camera and on stage! Each child or teen learns the fundamentals of acting in a supportive environment. Developing at their own pace, they explore the art and craft of acting!
• Fun and fast-paced with expert guidance
• Scripts & improv games geared to excite and challenge
• Great training for the real world of TV, film, and theatre
• Builds confidence, enhances self-esteem
• Improves reading skills
• Free Parking and Handicapped Facilities
• Visits by top Atlanta talent agents and casting directors!


SPACE IS LIMITED.  For more info or to register online: